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ZAFT OC Team The Noblesse Knights by Mech-Master ZAFT OC Team The Noblesse Knights :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 5 5 CT-0859 Dreath by Mech-Master CT-0859 Dreath :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 5 0 FAITH Operative Nilus Pentis by Mech-Master FAITH Operative Nilus Pentis :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 5 2 SSPD-01 The Sword of Coruscant Concept by Mech-Master SSPD-01 The Sword of Coruscant Concept :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 12 0 51st EAAB Republic Commando by Mech-Master 51st EAAB Republic Commando :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 6 2 Ascended Omni Saiyan/ Shiro Super Saiyan Omni King by Mech-Master Ascended Omni Saiyan/ Shiro Super Saiyan Omni King :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 3 0 CT-???? Dread 2 by Mech-Master CT-???? Dread 2 :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 7 2 Daughter of Jedi Master Femme and ARC CC-0193 by Mech-Master Daughter of Jedi Master Femme and ARC CC-0193 :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 ARC CC-0193 Nilus by Mech-Master ARC CC-0193 Nilus :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 11 2 Numbuh 93 of Sector Z by Mech-Master Numbuh 93 of Sector Z :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 Dixa Primarch II- Laclairia Colored by Mech-Master Dixa Primarch II- Laclairia Colored :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 7 3 The Valkyria Squad Cheerleaders by Mech-Master The Valkyria Squad Cheerleaders :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 0 0 CT-???? Dread by Mech-Master CT-???? Dread :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 16 0 Overlord Anime OC: Nilus The Bloody Grail Lord by Mech-Master Overlord Anime OC: Nilus The Bloody Grail Lord :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 2 0 First Order 51st Stormtrooper armor by Mech-Master First Order 51st Stormtrooper armor :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 3 0 CT-9812 Reve by Mech-Master CT-9812 Reve :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 6 4


ZAFT OC Team The Noblesse Knights
THIS TOOK ME LIKE FOREVER TO DO! lol Like six to eight hours per character of the course of a few days for each one but in the end am mostly happy how they turned off although I might redo the two without capes, am not sure. Anyhow recently I found a
Cosmic Era Gundam RP, something that is truly rare in my humble opinion as most gundam fans seem to dislike Cosmic Era. Despite all it's problems and having "Anime Logic", it's still by far my favorite Gundam anime so when I came across this RP and it was active I decided to join. Since I just made my Cosmic Era OC right before I found that site, I decided to use him and his background however I had to modify it where as my character "Nilus Pentis the Second" is the son of the original Nilus Pentis that fought both wars. My character, his father and team mates are very "Knight" like as I've based them on the Knights from Code Geass although far less extremist and fanatical and took inspiration from the Delaz Fleet from UC Gundam.  

For those interested in the potential Gundam RP I've been talking about, Like I said it's takes twenty years after Destiny focuses HEAVILY on the children of the characters from Destiny such as Kira and Lacus children and Athrun's and Cagalli's Children and the events that bring a third war. You can play as a older character but it's not easy. The RP is active and starting to get good so If your interested in joining, here ya go -…

And If your interested in joining the Noblesse Knights, playing as one of the characters or want to help me found the faction, let me know. I might even make a character for you lol

Now onto the good stuff lol

The 1st Autonomous Mobile Battalion
Active: C.E 70 - C.E 73
Country: The PLANTS
Branch: ZAFT mobile suit forces
Type: Special Operations/ Vanguard Mobile Suit Pilots(Ace pilots)
Role: Direction Action and Special Operations
-21(C.E 71)
-50(C.E 73)

-The Noblesse Knights
-The Ace Corps
-The Imperial Knights

-"With great power, comes responsibility"
-"To Serve and Protect" 

-The First Plant-Alliance War
-The Second Plant-Alliance War

-Nilus Pentis the First(Founder and Grand Master, C.E 70 - C.E 73)

The 1st Autonomous Mobile Battalion later renamed to the Noblesse Knights were a group of highly skilled and chivalrous warriors that fought during the first and second PLANT-Alliance Wars in an attempt to bring the wars to an end without the extinction of either race or country. The Pilots of the battalion became famous for their red capes, knight looking mobile suits, Good and Chivalrous nature to akin to the 18th century depiction of Knights, fighting for just causes, to defend the weak and innocent and help those in need and during wartime, were among the first mobile suit pilots to never kill on the battlefield. The Noblesse Knights became legendary early on during the first war preventing the death's of many civilians before joining Lacus Clyne and the Clyne Faction, becoming Vanguards of her forces, the first ones to charge into battle and inspire lesser men and women to follow their example. Although many pilots of the Noblesse Knights had been killed at the second battle of Jachin Due, there placement in history was assured with the survivors becoming celebrities. 

In the time before second war, the Noblesse Knights swelled in numbers, reaching fifty members during it's height and when the second war began, The Noblesse Knights continued there duty to act as Vanguards of ZAFT and lead other's into battle while inspiring them to higher heights until the end of the war. Following the end of the second war, The new Chairwoman Lacus Clyne disbanded The Noblesse Knights and reduced ZAFT as a whole as a strong military presence was no longer needed however this didn't stop the Noblesse Knights from continuing there duties as all surviving members continued to serve ZAFT as of C.E 94 while stilling the ideals and oaths of the Noblesse Knights. Eventually as the years began to fly away, the surviving members of the Noblesse Knights stilled viewed as heroes and still celebrities knew war would be coming in the few decades and began taking precautions for the next threat with the first training the next generation of warriors to take their places as they had become old. They took their children and privately trained them to be the next generation of Noblesse Knights. Eventually these children completed their training set by their parents and joined ZAFT and proved themselves worthy to call themselves a Nobesse Knights as the situation of the war began to deteriorate as an attack on the PLANTS was made and the assassination of Cagailli and her son. By C.E 93 Even though the Noblesse Knights do not exist officially as a unit, these warriors of the second generation plan on taking the mantle and doing what is necessary to save the world and those who live in it.

Currently there are more then twenty second generation Noblesse Knights within ZAFT all spread out however the most famous are Nilus Pentis the Second and his oath siblings who are considered the most skilled and veteran members of this veteran group.

*Nilus Pentis the Second - Known as "The Noblesse Knight" and as "The Blood Knight", a tittle carried over by his father who had failed to stop the nuclear missiles from hitting Junius Seven, killing hundreds of thousands. Following the event his father painted his mobile suit red to represent his failure to save those that died and the lives he had taken in his rage that occurred afterwards. Nilus the Second the unofficial leaders of the second generation of the Noblesse Knights is known for his determination and stubbornness in battle and never backs down from an honour duel.

*Ryosuke Kinnsaki; Oath Brother - Known as the "Noblesse General" for being the most unknight like out of the group, is extremely harsh and demanding but a faithful, dedicated and loyal soldier who will use his abilities to bring his men alive.

*Kaori Hayata; Oath Sister - "The Noblesse Angel of Death" Is one of the among most feared and skilled pilots within ZAFT, known for her close combat abilitiy, her reputation as a Vanguard pilot has became legendary as taking on impossible odds and surviving is breath taking at the least.

*Arthur Delioness; Oath Brother - "The Noblese Griffen" is among the most loved member of the group due to his serious, charismatic but kind and humble nature although Athur is also known for his flirty and woman chasing nature

*Hiroka Shiotari; - The Famous "Noblesse Tactius" is known for her tactical forcasts and able to create successful strategies for battles. Like 
Ryosuke, she makes her knight like heritage lightly as she she does wear a cape however still like Ryosuke, she still believes in the Noblesse Knight's beliefs and ideals. 

*Sarina Caligari; - "The Noblesse Valkyrie" is two people in one body described by many who view her in battle. Sarina is usually extremely calm, friendly and caring however her aggressive, blood thirty personality takes over during battle, becoming a beserker with most thinking she is a psychopath.

That's all for now since the Noblesse Knights have not been formed on the RP and is simply background right now! If you wish to play as one of these members, or a child of The Noblesse Knights, let me know by sending me message on here or by sending me a message on the RP, my name is Nilus II on there.

CT-0859 Dreath
Hey guys, Just thought I'd post this trooper. I had made him for the Star Wars: Era of Rebellion RP that has just decided to make a forum however there not new. I had originally made this character over a year ago for the RP but they forgot or something so they didn't respond to me until a week ago. I was still game so I said "what the hell not". Dreath is going to my character for the RP for awhile. Since Dreath is an Arc Trooper of the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion from the The Retribution Fleet/City /Mandalorian Republic, he's essentially a Clone Commando and a Arc Trooper put into one then after the Clone Wars you put Mandalorian influence in there and boom you get Dreath. It should be noted however Dreath was not a character I orginally designed for my Clone Battalion but since I like him, am sure to add him in some regard.

If you guys are interested in this star wars RP, check it out!…  
This RP takes place during the rebellion and and they kinda want you to play as a non force user although you are allowed to with some rules of course. Once you go to the site, make an account, give CT-0859 credit XD, send a message to Chris Levy, hell set you up or If you want to message him directly, send an email to

his character sheet(outdated)

Character name: CT-0859 "Dreart"

Species: Human(Cloned)
Sex: Male
Faction: Independent
Archetype: Military Officer
Homeworld: kamino
Sample: CT-0859 was a Clone Trooper under the 51st Experiemental Autonomous Assault Battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic who had fought in the Clone Wars. He was noted for being extremely independent and individualistic from his unit, even from his clone brothers. Sometime in 20BBY, he Was promoted to veteran status in the 51st after proving himself to be a superior trooper and this eventually got the attention of his clone commander, CC-0193 and was promoted to Commando in the 51st where he perform many missions behind CIS lines before eventually becoming an ARC trooper late in the war after multiple missions beyond enemy lines staying behind on enemy worlds sabotaging enemy targets. During Order 66, along with his clone unit, he declined it and retreated into unknown space with the The Retribution Fleet under Jedi General Mira Elenta Femme command. In the years following he married a fallen Alderaan noble lady, had a daughter while still in the 51st. Eventually though he felt his Duty  outweighed his new freedom and decided to become a dedicated ARC trooper to the 51st, staying in stasis until needed for important missions, keeping him young and in tip top shape. Eventually he was chosen to enter known space to aid the rebels where in reality he was ordered to gather information.........
FAITH Operative Nilus Pentis
I've always wanted to make a OC for the cosmic era for Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny since they were my first anime I watched and could understand besides Inyuasha and is still my favorite anime to watch despite the over usage of reused animations and horrible character development even though I can't it anymore, watched it like hundred time now literally. I recently watched Seed and Destiny and it motivated me enough to make my own Seed/Destiny character. Before I forget I do not take credit for the Frankenstein mobile suit lol


Genetic Type
  • Coordinator
  • O
  • 6'1
  • 150 ibs
Hair Color
  • Dark Brown
Eye Color
  • Green
  • 42 (Seed)
  • 44 (Destiny)
Birth Date
  • September 30, 30 C.E
  • Male
  • Walter Pentis(Father deceased)
  • Cecilia Pentis(Mother deceased)
  • Eileen Canaver(Wife)
  • Cecilia II Pentis(Daughter, named in honor of Nilus mother) 


  • ZAFT (Seed and Destiny)
  • 1st Independent Mobile Battalion/The Noblesse Knights  
  • Clyne Faction (Seed)
  • Three Ship Alliance (Seed)
  • Terminal (Destiny)
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Mobile Suit Commander
  • Task Force Commander
  • PLANT Supreme Councilor of FAITH

*Red Coat(Pre-Seed)

*White Coat(Late Seed- Late Destiny)

*Purple Coat(End of Destiny)


* The Vanguard of ZAFT

*The Crimson Knight

*White Glint

*The Knight of One

Mobile Weapons

  • TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero(Pre-Seed, before the creation of mobile suits)
  • YMF-01A "Proto GINN(Pre-Seed)
  • ZGMF-1017 GINN Ceremonial Decoration Type(Early to Late Seed, optimized for combat and tuned for ace pilots)
  • YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type(Late Seed)
  • YFX-7100X/ZGMF-X05 Gelgoog Kishi(Mid Destiny)
  • ZGM-601R Guaiz R(Early Destiny)
Vessels Crewed

*Nazca-class, Llamrei (Pre-Seed to Destiny,)

Nilus Pentis  known widely within ZAFT as the Vanguard of ZAFT and as the Crimson Knight and albeit as White Glint to the most oldest veterans of Zaft, Is the oldest living ace pilot in ZAFT credited with the most completed missions within ZAFT as well as the Commander of FAITH after the end of the Second Alliance-PLANT War.

Born in September 30, 30 C.E, Nilus lived in Junius Seven until the age of 14 where he moved to December City to join Patrick Zala's newly formed Officers Training Corps (OTC) for his PLANT'S Militia  where he would study and train for four years, showing natural ability in mobile combat and tactical doctrine. He graduated at the top of his class gaining the tittle "Ace Officer" and because of his class, he was allowed to wear his own custom uniform. He traveled back home to his parents for a time where his mother created him his ceremonial uniform, the first of the first generation Red Coats. Wearing it with pride, he returned to the militia in December City and was put on duty for the next year, excelling at his job until in 50 C.E where Patrick Zala and Siegel Clyne reformed the militia into the Zodiac Alliance, a political alliance to peacefully fight for independence of coordinators and their rights but the Zodiac Alliance was quickly suppressed and was forced to go underground. Due to his high combat scores and excellent career as well as seeing a far higher potential in Nilus,  Seigel Clyne made him the first FAITH Operative after Patrick Zala created it to advance his network of spies. From their Nilus worked under Seigel Clyne for a number of years as a Commander of Seigel's security detail as well as commander of local Zodiac Alliance forces whenever Seigel traveled to another PLANTS. It was during this time Seigel morphed Nilus into his image of a perfect soldier, a soldier with the characteristics of a Knight, to be loyal faith to those you serve, to show mercy and use reason , to protect the weak and defenseless, to aid those in help, despite rewards and personal gain, to fight honorably and for a just cause. Nilus eventually swore Fidelity to the Seigel Family and vowed to protect the family when called upon to serve, Seigel accepted Nilus offer of fidelity and deeply honored him as a result however shortly after this, Seigel  dismissed Nilus from his current command and gave his last order to Nilus, to transfer under Patrick Zala's command and watch him close due to his reckless and zealous nature. Upon receiving one of Seigel Clyne's skilled officers, Patrick Zala immediately moved him to more direct action activities, having him lead combat missions in skirmishes against the Earth Alliance  in neutral space close to the PLANTS in a captured TS-MA2mod.00 Moebius Zero where he quickly excelled, earning the nickname "White Glint"  after a reconnaissance mission went wrong, Nilus was forced to engage and destroy a small Earth Alliance force heading to Artemis consisting of two Agamemmnon-Class Carriers and their Moebiuses, becoming the Zodiac Alliance's first Ace pilot. Following this, Patrick Zala had transferred Nilus to September City in an effort to gather Intelligence on the councilor of September City while the pior event blew over. During his time on September City, Nilus met and became close with a young Eileen Canaver passionate politician who helped him gather intelligence through dozens of mission on the radical councilor of September City. With the help of Seigel Clyne's support, when the former councilor was evicted from his position Seigel Clyne had Eileen Canaver take over his position and become one of his secret allies in the Supreme Council with Nilus as her ZA liaison officer which eventually caused to the two to fall in love and get married which resulted in their daughter,  Cecilia a year later. Nilus using his influence within the Alliance, he would stay stationed in September City for years with the exceptions of Faith Operations and secretive deployments to try and be a good father and husband until 65 C.E where the Zodiac Alliance had finally officially taken power within the Supreme Council with the Zodiac Alliance being completely reformed into The Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty with Nilus becoming a Test pilot of the newly created MF-01A "Proto GINN's and other mobile suits up into the start of the war. With Nilus and Eileen influence and Seigel's support, Cecilia was able to take engineering and design classes in collage for mobile suits which would eventually result in her becoming a prized engineer at The Integrated Design Bureau during the first and second wars, becoming of the engineers to design the famous "Dou" mobile suits developed late in both wars.

When the First Alliance-PLANT War began, Nilus choose to pilot a combat optimized ZGMF-1017 GINN Ceremonial Decoration Type that was specifically tuned for him which he used in the first week of the war. During the first week of the war, Nilus attached to the
1st Independent Mobile Battalion were patrolling Junius Seven space when the  Agamemnom-Class Carrier Roosevelt deployed nuclear missiles at Junius Seven and destroyed the colony, killing hundreds of thousands and in the process Nilus parents after his team wasn't able to intercept the nuclear missiles in time. Nilus went in rage upon seeing Junius Seven, activating his Seed Mode for the first time and destroyed and assaulted the Earth Alliance Force and destroyed the Roosevelt. Despite vowing to never kill another combatant and failing to save the thousands of innocents who were killed in the explosion, Nilus discarded his old title and color scheme, instead donning Crimson Red on his pilot suit and mobile suit to signify the blood that was on his hands from those who died who were innocent and defenseless to those lives in the Earth Alliance he murdered in cold blood in his moments of sheer rage. Despite his mental state, Nilus along with the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion were sent to Yggdrasil for the coming battle and for entire month, the battle raged until thousands laid dead with  Yggdrasil station completely destroyed. During this battle Nilus earned his most renown nicknames, the "Crimson Knight" for his crimson almost blood like red mobile suit that would lead other mobile suit teams into battle also granting him the tittle of "The Vanguard of the ZAFT/ZAFT'S Vanguard" after crippling the Earth Alliance 9th fleet and destroying most of it's mobile armor.. Following Yggdrasil, Nilus returned to the plants and for a time took up the mantle of mentor within the Vanguard Program, training many aspiring pilots to be vanguards(Ace Pilot) with a good measure of success until Nilus and his pilots were  forced to deploy under critical conditions at the First Battle of Jachin Due with most of Nilus pilots killed during the chaotic battle with even Nilus machine heavily damaged. In the next months, Nilus would participate in the battle of Nova performing hit and run tatics on the Earth Alliance 21st Fleet  to the second battle of Victoria leading the mobile suit teams during the battle to finally even Operation Splitbreak where his machine was nearly destroyed during the heavy fire and recovered by friendly forces to allied submarine where surgery was performed on him, narrowly saving his life while the cyclops system had activated, killing thousands. 

After Operation Splitfire failed horribly and Victoria fell to the Earth Alliance, ZAFT was forced back into space on the defensive with Nilus forced to recover for the next few months in the PLANTs. After his recovery, he finally heard of the Clyne family had defected to the Earth Alliance but Nilus could not believe it, knowing the family like the back of his hand. After he used his old contacts to find Siegel Cylne, he had arrived too late only to find his old friend killed in cold blood. Nilus became angry at the PLANTS and Patrick Zala and how they moving the war in such a way and felt he needed to do something to change the outcome so the worst wouldn't happen. Upon returning to active service, He was was promoted to white coat after the commander of the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion had been killed the month pior and was put incharge of the battalion. Using his influence and feeding what the Chairmen wanted to hear or persuasion, Patrick Zala fully knowing his combat abilities with a mobile suits granted Nilus a modified YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type that had been modified with a nuclear reactor and a neutron jammer Canceler, giving Nilus a truly powerful machine with almost unlimited combat endurance and power, something Patrick Zala imagined Nilus could use to great effect to win the war. Joining the front lines after recovery from O-Josha Nilus took command of the Llamrei of the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion just in time for the second battle of Jachin Due where the entire battalion joined the battle. Nilus sortied himself leading the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion ace pilots in a direct assault on the Earth Alliance's offensive line while the rest of the ZAFT forces continued to hold their defense against the Earth Alliance's assault. Despite taking the initiative and causing heavy damage to the Earth Alliance offensive line, Nilus and his pilots were eventually overwhelmed when Nilus and his group were forced to engage extended pilots. Taking on an extended pilot in a GAT-X133 Sword Calamity in a honoured duel to the death, Nilus fought the Sword Calamity with all his determination until the appearance of The Three Ship Alliance where it attempted to get away from Nilus and fire it's 580mm Multi-phase Energy Cannon at the FFMH-Y101 Eternal. Remembering he vowed to protect the Clyne family when needed and seeing what remained of Seigel Clyne after he been shot to death, Nilus activated his Seed mode, evaded the Sword Calamity's defensive attacks quickly and jammed his beam naginata into the chest of the GAT-X133 Sword Calamity before kicking it into GENESIS'S Beam only to watch in horror to see ZAFT and Earth Alliance force alike destroyed in the explosion with most of his pilots killed in the explosion and even losing two of his own ships in the explosion. Nilus and the survivors of the battle 1st Independent Mobile Battalion rejoined the battle coming to the aid of The Three Ship Alliance by covering their flanks as they continued there combined Assault on Genesis realizing Patrick Zala wished for humanity to be destroyed. Nilus and his surviving Ace pilots holded ZAFT and Earth Alliance forces alike off long enough for the ZGMF-X09A Justice to destroy Genesis by destroying itself. Following the end of the battle Nilus Wife, Eileen Canaver declared herself Chairwoman and took control of the PLANT Supreme Council where she used her new abilities to take control of the military and ceased all hostilities which allowed the Earth Alliance fleet to withdraw and after six months had passed, a peace treaty was signed by the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, thus finally ending the war.

Following the end of the war, Nilus Pentis was to be dishonorably discharged for defecting to The Three Ship Alliance during the second battle of Jachin Due however his stellar combat record and his Faith influence in a statement where he believed as a Faith operative, it was necessary to defect to The Three Ship Alliance to not only save ZAFT but ALL humanity which Coordinators were part of and fully knew Coordinators could never truly exist on their own at the present without the Naturals. Along with his statement, the influence of his wife, chairwoman  Eileen Canaver and later Chairmen Gilbert Durandal had the charges disappeared and Nilus was allowed to return to Active duty as a FAITH operative whit coat Commander of the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion. In between both Great Wars, despite being a Faith Operative and a Commander, Nilus was given extended time off due to his record in the last war and with no war waging on Nilus returned to September City and would spend much of his time with Eileen and Cecilia whom the two would formally join Terminal as Cecilia had already joined Terminal in the last months of the war and contributed to the development of the famous dou Freedom and Justice.  Nilus prized YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type was put into storage after the war and was going to be scrapped after it's nuclear reactor had been disposed of due to the new treaty however before that could happen, Terminal had it mysteriously disappear from it's storage hanger and mysteriously and sitting in an hanger in Terminal's "The Factory" where Nilus daughter Cecilia has made it her life's work to build her father a machine he can use to save humanity from itself. It was during this time after the war that Nilus had tracked Siegel Clyne's daughter Lacus Clyne down and asked her for forgiveness for failing to save her father from death. Lacus told him he did not have to apologize for her father's death, saying he did in the last part of the war was right and that her father was right to put him where he was now. Nilus did not loosen up and offered his vow of fidelity to Lacus Clyne and though she hesitated at first, she happily accepted reminding him she might need his strength in the future along with other's such as Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala.

By the time of the Second Alliance-Plant War, Nilus pertaked in the defense of Aprilus One in a ZGMF-601R Guaiz R tailored to him specifically, preferring the Guaiz over the Zaku for sentimental reasons. With Nilus at the front as a Vanguard, he led multiple mobile suit teams into the Earth Alliance offensive lines again and dealt significant damage to the fleet only to realize the fleet was a decoy as the "PeaceKeeper" Force unleashed nuclear missiles at the PLANT's from a hidden fleet. Although nuclear missles were fired at the PLANT's, a Nazca-Class vessel was equipped with an experimental weapon called the Neutron Stampeder managed to destroy the nuclear missiles before they could reach their target. As that battle ended, ZAFT quickly initiated OPERATION SPEAR OF TWILIGHT retake area's around their Gibraltar and Carpentaria bases. Along with members of his battalion, Nilus joined in the jump, falling from space in a drop pod along with the pilots he trained and many other ZAFT pilots, Nilus dropped hot into the atmosphere and led his pilots in a daring assault to assault Earth Alliance forces near Gibraltar and despite facing many YMAF-X6BD Zamza Zah's, after much effort Nilus and his pilots managed to almost single handily routed the Earth Alliance forces from Gibraltar. Nilus then and his pilots transferred themselves to ZAFT's 6th Fleet where they Aided the fleet in the defense of the Saltholm Gate that guarded entry into the Baltic Sea. Taking on an Earth Alliance Fleet with the 22nd Extended Independent Mobile Battalion, Nilus and his pilots were forced to engage three extended pilots in rebuilt ZGMF-YX21R Proto-Saviors, Leading the assault against the ZAFT's 6th fleet, Heavy damage was done to the fleet before Nilus and his entire team could even intercept. Clashing with three gundams, the battle turned into a bloody massacre as Nilus and his team struggled to keep the proto saviors at bay while the normals pilots attacked the 6th fleet, causing, even more damage to the fleet.  Despite Nilus best efforts, he could not keep pace with the Proto-Saviors and eventually after a long dragged out battle, Nilus ZGM-601R Guaiz R was severely damaged beyond repair after evading an attack from one Proto Savior, another came at an angle and fired its MA-7B "Super Fortis" Beam Cannons at Nilus ZGM-601R Guaiz R. Unable to completely evade the attack, it completely destroyed the left leg and arms before the third Proto Savior managed to destroy the right arm instead of his cockpit thanks to Nilus being able to being able to evade to an extent however he could not dodge the finale Proto Savior attack as he went for Nilus weak Spot as most of his cameras were destroyed in the battle however at the last minute, one of his pilots kicked Nilus ZGM-601R Guaiz R out of the way and was killed when the Proto Savior impaled his cockpit with it's beam saber while Nilus ZGM-601R Guaiz R was caught in the explosion and while the ZGM-601R Guaiz R was destroyed, the cockpit was further damaged with Nilus moderately wounded from his controls exploding. Using the last of his willpower before passing out from the shock of losing so much blood, Nilus used the ZGM-601R Guaiz R to crash land on the island of Saltholm while his pilots fought off the three Proto-Saviors. Seeing their commander down, a few of them activate their seed modes and are able moderately damage the proto-saviors causing the 22nd Extended Independent Mobile Battalion to withdraw from the combat zone with the Earth Alliance fleet after losing too many ships to Nilus pilots. After the battle, Nilus and his severely damaged  ZGM-601R Guaiz R is recovered from the island of Saltholm and is treated for his wounds which would time to heal.

After Saltolm however with his body needing to heal, Nilus remained mostly distanced from the war up until the second invasion of Orb where Nilus and the entire 
1st Independent Mobile Battalion mysterious disappeared where in reality they had defected/returned to Terminal where Nilus was given back his YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type or better now known as the YFX-7100X/ZGMF-X05 Gelgoog Kishi with his chosen pilots given the ZGMF-XX09T DOM Troope or the ZMGF-1014 Gelgoog, a more developed but simplified limited production mobile suit of Nilus Gelgoog for regular pilots. Too late to help defend orb after rearming Nilus and his battalion were forced to go into hiding until the battle of Requiem and Messiah where Nilus led the 1st Independent Mobile Battalion in the battle along with the Terminal Fleet. Taking defensive positions along the Terminal Fleet's defensive line, Nilus and his pilots decided to stay on the offensive and guard the fleet while the star aces of the Terminal Fleet went in and destroyed Requiem stations and Messiah. Despite the overwhelming number of the ZAFT forces, Nilus and his pilots managed to defend the Terminal fleet long enough for the Freedom and the Justice to destroy Messiah with it's meteor systems bringing closure to the second Alliance-PLANT War with Chairmen Gilbert Durandal killed on Messiah.

Sometime after the war had ended, the PLANT's and the Earth Alliance began peace talks once again with eventually the Supreme Council making Lacus Clyne the chairwoman of the PLANT's and it's Supreme Council due to her connections to the PLANT's and the Earth Alliance. When the peace treaty is finally signed sometime in late 74 C.E , Lacus Clyne formed a new council similar to her belief's and promoted many who supported and who are close towards her in higher positions with people such Kira Yamata a ZAFT White Coat Commander while others such as Dearka Elsman becoming officers. Lacus Clyne not forgetting about Nilus Pentis, the first Ace pilot and FAITH Operative of ZAFT was promoted to purple coat as a Task Force Commander and was given a seat at the PLANT Supreme Council as a representative and Commander of all FAITH after it was restructured by the Chairwoman into it's own branch to be used as a quick reaction peace keeping force.




SSPD-01 The Sword of Coruscant Concept
Gotta find the original artist who made the original picture, this was edited heavily lol

This is a concept of the flagship my Clone battalion are stationed on in the The Retribution Fleet, commanded by my Jedi General ,Jedi Weapon Master Femme and her Clone Commander -0193 Nilus is the flagship of the fleet. The Picture their to give you an idea on what she looks like and is not a accurate picture of sorts. As you will soon learn, The Sword of Coruscant is not a regular ship of the Republic Fleet, no the  The Sword of Coruscant is the forefather of the Venantor and Imperial Class Star Destroyers and is the Predecessor of the Executor-Class Star Dreadnoughts and all Dreadnoughts of the Empire, you can thank Sidious for that XD

|name= Retribution Venantor-Class Star Destroyer
|manufacturer= Rothana Heavy Engineering
|line= Star Destroyer(Later reclassified as a Pre-Star Dreadnought)
|model= Venantor-Class Star Destroyer
*Experimental Ship
*Star Destroyer
*Capital Ship
*Star Pre-Dreadnought(Later reclassified)
|cost= 500,000,000 Credits
|length= 9,000 Meters
|width= 1700
|height= 350
|max accel= 2,000 G
|mglt= 50 MGLT
|max speed= 850 km/h
*Primary drive Ion engines (15)
*Secondary drive engines (6 aft-mounted; 3 port, 3 starboard)
*Tertiary drive engines (6 aft-mounted; 3 port, 3 starboard)
*Class 2.0[8]
*Backup Class 8
|hdrange= 60,000 light-years (effective)
|poweroutput=  Peak: 9,18 × 3078 W
*Hypermatter annihilation reactors(3), Later replaced
*I-a2b solar ionization reactor (2)
|shield system= ISD-72x deflector shield generator/sensor dome (4)
|hull= 1600(DR 180) EMP Coated and Laser Mirror reflection Titanium-reinforced alusteel,
|target= LeGrange targeting computers
*Adegan crystal Cloaking device
*Twin Barreled Turbolaser cannons (400, fire-linked in groups of 3)
200 fore
200 port
200 starboard
*Triple Barreled Heavy turbolaser cannons (225, fire-linked in groups of 2)
75 fore
75 port
75 starboard
*Point-defense laser cannons (300)
100 fore
100 port
100 starboard
*Quadrille barreled Heavy proton torpedo tubes (12)
4 fore
4 port
4 starboard
*Q5 tractor beam projectors (12)
4 fore
4 port
4 starboard
*Ion Cannon (6)
2 fore
2 port
2 starboard

*Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing (350)
*Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor(350)
*LAAT/i gunships (100)
Shuttles (10)
*Mando-Class Super Heavy Tank (25)
*Prefabricated garrison base (2)
*Assault Gunboat (30)
*Exoatmospheric Insertion Assault Pod (20)
*Venator-Class Hanger (1)
*Side Bays (2)
*Enlisted (20,000)
*Officers (10,000)
*Gunners (530)
*Infantry (1,000)
|passengers= 15,000(Max)
|capacity= 85,000 metric tons
|cargohandling= Beltway system
|consumables= 6 Years
|communications= HoloNet transceiver
|availability= Not available for sale
*Command ship
*Military transport
|firstuse= 27 BBY
|retired= N/A
*Rise of the Empire era
*Rebellion era
*New Republic era
*Legacy era
*Galactic Republic- 23 BBY- 18 BBY
*The Retribution Fleet/Retribution City- 18 BBY - Curent
*The Antares Order- 15 BBY - Current

The Sword of Coruscant was an experimental Star Destroyer designed and built by Rothana Heavy Engineering to "officially" test new technologies and be used as a stepping stone in researching further development into the  future Venator and Imperial Classes as well as other Star Destroyer Classes. In truth, the Sword of Coruscant was commissioned secretly by Darth Sidious  who had planned to use it as his personal flagship as Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic or as Darth Sidious if needed thanks in large part to it's fire power and technologies. In the years before the Clone Wars, the Ship was constantly heavily modified to test new experimental technologies such as cloaking devices or a new coat of special paint to it's armor that made the ship nearly immune to electromagnetic pulse weaponry with high success. When the Clone Wars finally began, The Republic was unsure of what to do with the ship. Chancellor Palpatine saw his opportunity and took initiative, Taking the The Sword of Coruscant as the Flaship of the Home fleet over Coruscant that would act as a mobile headquarters to the Chancellor and the Senate if Coruscant would fall in the war, keeping the Republican Government alive however soon after the First Battle of Geonosis, majority of the Senate who agreed with expanding military spending  and Senior military officers of the Republican Navy heavily disagreed against the Chancellor that a warship as advanced and as powerful as the Sword of Coruscant should not be used as patrolling Coruscant but be used in offensive Operations where it's abilities could be used bet. After a lengthy debate, Chancellor Palpatine reluctantly surrendered  the Sword of Coruscant to the Republic Navy for use in regular operations. The Ship's fate was decided by the Republican High Command to act on covert operations behind CIS space in the Outer Rims due it's extremely advanced cloaking, It could easily hide from CIS fleets and fly pass them undetected, it was fast enough to escape when needed and when it could not, It had the fire power of a dozen Imperial and Venator-Class Star Destroyers, making it nearly unstoppable in combat. However Republican High Command did not a Admiral that was extremely experience from operating in the Outer Rims so the Republic turned to the Jedi Order who did have one. The Jedi High Council had hesitated greatly before summoning back The Jedi Weapon Master Mira Elenta Femme who had decided to exile herself from the Jedi Order over a hundred years ago. Being the oldest Jedi alive besides Jedi Grand Master Yoda and spending almost a hundred and fifty years in the Outer Rim, She knew the Outer rim like the back of hand. The Jedi Weapon Master reluctantly took command of the Sword of Coruscant and transferred her Clone Unit, the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion under CC-0193's to the Sword of Coruscant that had been heavily modified yet again to fit their mission and their likes such as a miniature Jedi Temple for the Jedi Weapon Master and for the Jedi under her command to live in as well as extensive training grounds for her Clone Troopers and Jedi to train.

With this Ship, The Sword of Coruscant proved to be the most advanced and powerful ship during the entire Clone Wars, Even dwarfing the CIS Super Ship, Malevolence and made it's advance system nearly useless against it, not to mention it even bolstered more firepower and carried hundreds of assault craft, practically making the Star Destroyer a Dreadnought or a Battle Carrier. During the Clone Wars, the CIS considered the Ship almost more myth then fact as traveled through there space almost always's undetected, destroy a target or eliminate a VIP ground side on a plent using the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion and withdrawing before CIS forces could arrive or If they did, the were usually destroyed quickly, usually leaving no survivors to report their position. Most of the The Retribution Fleet was highly classified a secret during the Clone Wars with even the Jedi High Council and Chancellor Palpatine kept in the dark to keep it's location as a secret as well as the Fleet almost never returning to Republican space unless for supplies and always on radio silence during it's travel. When Order 66 transpired, the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion did not follow the order and The Sword of Coruscant and the The Retribution Fleet fled to the unknown Regions of Space when the Galactic Empire was formed to escape the Empire's reach. Even following The Clone Wars, nothing would surpass The Sword of Coruscant's size and fire power until the arrival of the fabled Executor-class Star Dreadnought built by the Empire in  3 BBY. In the time between the ships in the The Retribution Fleet including the The Sword of Coruscant were heavily modified once more into City Ships of sorts to commentate all it's soldiers, officers, their families, Republican civilians and Jedi they had rescued during Order 66 and afterwards  which in returned made them ship looking space stations to those outside the fleet but they still provided the same fire power as before. The Sword of Coruscant would continue on in the years afterwards, battling the Empire, indirectly helping the Rebel Alliance as the fleet raided Imperial facilities for supplies, food etc on the edge of space as well as steal some of their own Star Destroyers in the process to the Galatic Empire Remnants and the New Republic, returning for the first time in nearly forty years to aid in the Yuuzhan Vong War with it's Troopers with the fleet to coming to the New Republic's aid in the first and second battle of Corsucant, carrying the Old Republic Banner. Fpllowing the  Yuuzhan Vong War, The Retribution Fleet returned to the unknown regions of space, disappearing once more from the public eye until the Second Imperial Civil War where they aided one last time the Alliance to fight against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire with the entire 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion and the The Retribution Fleet present when the Galactic Federation Triumbirate was formed. After more than one  hundred years of service, the  The Sword of Coruscant and the original ships of the The Retribution Fleet were finally decommissioned by the remaining government of the New Republic and made into historical Museum ships many years after the Galactic Federation Triumbirate's formation on the planet they were given to settle for there service which would be later named as Retribution in honour of the fleet. These ships would continue to exist as Museum ships with the fleets descendants living on Retribution while the Antares Order built great temples on the planet and the 
51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion continue it's duty protecting Retribution and continuing their own Mandalorian traditions.


51st EAAB Republic Commando
Have no idea who did the base, I forget lol

Anyway in the 51st, there were two Republic Commando teams attached to the unit that was originally there to help train the Clone troopers of the 51st and to take on missions when need be. There was never that much fluff on them since I used to forget about them all the time since they were over shadowed. Here's a design for one of those commandos, I don't remember this one backstory or why his armor is designed that way, I knew I drew the flames to represent an tragic event he survived but dont remember since this was sitting on my computer for months. The X were either to represent how many VIP of EXTREME importance was eliminated or designate leaders and positions in the squad. The Circles on his helmet inspired by Veteran Adeptus Astartes from Warhammer show how many successful operations/battles this clone been in to live the tale.  Lastly I couldn't decide on armor color so I left it white even though these Commando's would added camo or changed there armor color to blend in the environment they be during an OP. That's pretty much it, just wanted to get it out there.


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