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SSPD-01 The Sword of Coruscant Concept :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 3 0 51st EAAB Republic Commando :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 5 2 Ascended Omni Saiyan/ Shiro Super Saiyan Omni King :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 CT-???? Dread 2 :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 3 2 Daughter of Jedi Master Femme and ARC CC-0193 :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 ARC CC-0193 Nilus :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 5 2 Numbuh 93 of Sector Z :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 Dixa Primarch II- Laclairia Colored :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 7 3 The Valkyria Squad Cheerleaders :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 0 0 CT-???? Dread :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 12 0 Overlord Anime OC: Nilus The Bloody Grail Lord :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 2 0 First Order 51st Stormtrooper armor :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 CT-9812 Reve :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 6 4 51st EAAB Stormtrooper Armor :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 3 0 51st EAAB Phase III Armor :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 1 0 Jedi Master Mira Elenta Femme Concept :iconmech-master:Mech-Master 8 0


SSPD-01 The Sword of Coruscant Concept
Gotta find the original artist who made the original picture, this was edited heavily lol

This is a concept of the flagship my Clone battalion are stationed on in the The Retribution Fleet, commanded by my Jedi General ,Jedi Weapon Master Femme and her Clone Commander -0193 Nilus is the flagship of the fleet. The Picture their to give you an idea on what she looks like and is not a accurate picture of sorts. As you will soon learn, The Sword of Coruscant is not a regular ship of the Republic Fleet, no the  The Sword of Coruscant is the forefather of the Venantor and Imperial Class Star Destroyers and is the Predecessor of the Executor-Class Star Dreadnoughts and all Dreadnoughts of the Empire, you can thank Sidious for that XD

|name= Retribution Venantor-Class Star Destroyer
|manufacturer= Rothana Heavy Engineering
|line= Star Destroyer(Later reclassified as a Pre-Star Dreadnought)
|model= Venantor-Class Star Destroyer
*Experimental Ship
*Star Destroyer
*Capital Ship
*Star Pre-Dreadnought(Later reclassified)
|cost= 500,000,000 Credits
|length= 9,000 Meters
|width= 1700
|height= 350
|max accel= 2,000 G
|mglt= 50 MGLT
|max speed= 850 km/h
*Primary drive Ion engines (15)
*Secondary drive engines (6 aft-mounted; 3 port, 3 starboard)
*Tertiary drive engines (6 aft-mounted; 3 port, 3 starboard)
*Class 2.0[8]
*Backup Class 8
|hdrange= 60,000 light-years (effective)
|poweroutput=  Peak: 9,18 × 3078 W
*Hypermatter annihilation reactors(3), Later replaced
*I-a2b solar ionization reactor (2)
|shield system= ISD-72x deflector shield generator/sensor dome (4)
|hull= 1600(DR 180) EMP Coated and Laser Mirror reflection Titanium-reinforced alusteel,
|target= LeGrange targeting computers
*Adegan crystal Cloaking device
*Twin Barreled Turbolaser cannons (400, fire-linked in groups of 3)
200 fore
200 port
200 starboard
*Triple Barreled Heavy turbolaser cannons (225, fire-linked in groups of 2)
75 fore
75 port
75 starboard
*Point-defense laser cannons (300)
100 fore
100 port
100 starboard
*Quadrille barreled Heavy proton torpedo tubes (12)
4 fore
4 port
4 starboard
*Q5 tractor beam projectors (12)
4 fore
4 port
4 starboard
*Ion Cannon (6)
2 fore
2 port
2 starboard

*Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing (350)
*Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor(350)
*LAAT/i gunships (100)
Shuttles (10)
*Mando-Class Super Heavy Tank (25)
*Prefabricated garrison base (2)
*Assault Gunboat (30)
*Exoatmospheric Insertion Assault Pod (20)
*Venator-Class Hanger (1)
*Side Bays (2)
*Enlisted (20,000)
*Officers (10,000)
*Gunners (530)
*Infantry (1,000)
|passengers= 15,000(Max)
|capacity= 85,000 metric tons
|cargohandling= Beltway system
|consumables= 6 Years
|communications= HoloNet transceiver
|availability= Not available for sale
*Command ship
*Military transport
|firstuse= 27 BBY
|retired= N/A
*Rise of the Empire era
*Rebellion era
*New Republic era
*Legacy era
*Galactic Republic- 23 BBY- 18 BBY
*The Retribution Fleet/Retribution City- 18 BBY - Curent
*The Antares Order- 15 BBY - Current

The Sword of Coruscant was an experimental Star Destroyer designed and built by Rothana Heavy Engineering to "officially" test new technologies and be used as a stepping stone in researching further development into the  future Venator and Imperial Classes as well as other Star Destroyer Classes. In truth, the Sword of Coruscant was commissioned secretly by Darth Sidious  who had planned to use it as his personal flagship as Chancellor Palpatine of the Republic or as Darth Sidious if needed thanks in large part to it's fire power and technologies. In the years before the Clone Wars, the Ship was constantly heavily modified to test new experimental technologies such as cloaking devices or a new coat of special paint to it's armor that made the ship nearly immune to electromagnetic pulse weaponry with high success. When the Clone Wars finally began, The Republic was unsure of what to do with the ship. Chancellor Palpatine saw his opportunity and took initiative, Taking the The Sword of Coruscant as the Flaship of the Home fleet over Coruscant that would act as a mobile headquarters to the Chancellor and the Senate if Coruscant would fall in the war, keeping the Republican Government alive however soon after the First Battle of Geonosis, majority of the Senate who agreed with expanding military spending  and Senior military officers of the Republican Navy heavily disagreed against the Chancellor that a warship as advanced and as powerful as the Sword of Coruscant should not be used as patrolling Coruscant but be used in offensive Operations where it's abilities could be used bet. After a lengthy debate, Chancellor Palpatine reluctantly surrendered  the Sword of Coruscant to the Republic Navy for use in regular operations. The Ship's fate was decided by the Republican High Command to act on covert operations behind CIS space in the Outer Rims due it's extremely advanced cloaking, It could easily hide from CIS fleets and fly pass them undetected, it was fast enough to escape when needed and when it could not, It had the fire power of a dozen Imperial and Venator-Class Star Destroyers, making it nearly unstoppable in combat. However Republican High Command did not a Admiral that was extremely experience from operating in the Outer Rims so the Republic turned to the Jedi Order who did have one. The Jedi High Council had hesitated greatly before summoning back The Jedi Weapon Master Mira Elenta Femme who had decided to exile herself from the Jedi Order over a hundred years ago. Being the oldest Jedi alive besides Jedi Grand Master Yoda and spending almost a hundred and fifty years in the Outer Rim, She knew the Outer rim like the back of hand. The Jedi Weapon Master reluctantly took command of the Sword of Coruscant and transferred her Clone Unit, the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion under CC-0193's to the Sword of Coruscant that had been heavily modified yet again to fit their mission and their likes such as a miniature Jedi Temple for the Jedi Weapon Master and for the Jedi under her command to live in as well as extensive training grounds for her Clone Troopers and Jedi to train.

With this Ship, The Sword of Coruscant proved to be the most advanced and powerful ship during the entire Clone Wars, Even dwarfing the CIS Super Ship, Malevolence and made it's advance system nearly useless against it, not to mention it even bolstered more firepower and carried hundreds of assault craft, practically making the Star Destroyer a Dreadnought or a Battle Carrier. During the Clone Wars, the CIS considered the Ship almost more myth then fact as traveled through there space almost always's undetected, destroy a target or eliminate a VIP ground side on a plent using the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion and withdrawing before CIS forces could arrive or If they did, the were usually destroyed quickly, usually leaving no survivors to report their position. Most of the The Retribution Fleet was highly classified a secret during the Clone Wars with even the Jedi High Council and Chancellor Palpatine kept in the dark to keep it's location as a secret as well as the Fleet almost never returning to Republican space unless for supplies and always on radio silence during it's travel. When Order 66 transpired, the 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion did not follow the order and The Sword of Coruscant and the The Retribution Fleet fled to the unknown Regions of Space when the Galactic Empire was formed to escape the Empire's reach. Even following The Clone Wars, nothing would surpass The Sword of Coruscant's size and fire power until the arrival of the fabled Executor-class Star Dreadnought built by the Empire in  3 BBY. In the time between the ships in the The Retribution Fleet including the The Sword of Coruscant were heavily modified once more into City Ships of sorts to commentate all it's soldiers, officers, their families, Republican civilians and Jedi they had rescued during Order 66 and afterwards  which in returned made them ship looking space stations to those outside the fleet but they still provided the same fire power as before. The Sword of Coruscant would continue on in the years afterwards, battling the Empire, indirectly helping the Rebel Alliance as the fleet raided Imperial facilities for supplies, food etc on the edge of space as well as steal some of their own Star Destroyers in the process to the Galatic Empire Remnants and the New Republic, returning for the first time in nearly forty years to aid in the Yuuzhan Vong War with it's Troopers with the fleet to coming to the New Republic's aid in the first and second battle of Corsucant, carrying the Old Republic Banner. Fpllowing the  Yuuzhan Vong War, The Retribution Fleet returned to the unknown regions of space, disappearing once more from the public eye until the Second Imperial Civil War where they aided one last time the Alliance to fight against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire with the entire 51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion and the The Retribution Fleet present when the Galactic Federation Triumbirate was formed. After more than one  hundred years of service, the  The Sword of Coruscant and the original ships of the The Retribution Fleet were finally decommissioned by the remaining government of the New Republic and made into historical Museum ships many years after the Galactic Federation Triumbirate's formation on the planet they were given to settle for there service which would be later named as Retribution in honour of the fleet. These ships would continue to exist as Museum ships with the fleets descendants living on Retribution while the Antares Order built great temples on the planet and the 
51st Experimental Autonomous Assault Battalion continue it's duty protecting Retribution and continuing their own Mandalorian traditions.


51st EAAB Republic Commando
Have no idea who did the base, I forget lol

Anyway in the 51st, there were two Republic Commando teams attached to the unit that was originally there to help train the Clone troopers of the 51st and to take on missions when need be. There was never that much fluff on them since I used to forget about them all the time since they were over shadowed. Here's a design for one of those commandos, I don't remember this one backstory or why his armor is designed that way, I knew I drew the flames to represent an tragic event he survived but dont remember since this was sitting on my computer for months. The X were either to represent how many VIP of EXTREME importance was eliminated or designate leaders and positions in the squad. The Circles on his helmet inspired by Veteran Adeptus Astartes from Warhammer show how many successful operations/battles this clone been in to live the tale.  Lastly I couldn't decide on armor color so I left it white even though these Commando's would added camo or changed there armor color to blend in the environment they be during an OP. That's pretty much it, just wanted to get it out there.
Ascended Omni Saiyan/ Shiro Super Saiyan Omni King
So this was a commission for a friend who has a higher obsession with DBZ then even me lol He wanted me to draw a new form for his DBZ character who in appearances combines the Super Saiyan God forms and Super Saiyan 4 into one form and add some glowly things to it to make it badass. I think he grew some inspiration from some fan source material but am not sure since I don't watch or read DBZ fan stuff really. Since he hasn't drawn his own DBZ character, He asked me to draw this new form with my character from his universe so I drew Rensuu. I took Super Saiyan 4 as a base with golden fur since that's what I've always thought would of looked best, kept his clothes since the whole changing clothes thing with transformations in GT is stupid if you ask me and kept the Golden SSJ aura then added Super Saiyan God's Red Ki to the mix with his actual Ki Red. Since the Ascended Omni Saiyan is so powerful(the power multiplier is 16,000 x base=) that Rensuu's Godly Red Ki begins to burst out of his body in different locations like small uncontrollable Fire such as the Eyes being engulfed by a Godly Ki fire coming out of his sockets or Godly Ki coming out of his scars on his face.. There are also distant Red line that run up the arms and shoulders that show's the inner body's red Godly Ki. On the Chest is a diamond formed by two triangles with Lines going through them, These are seen on the Omni King but there are only Triangles and no lines going through. These Line's in the diamond represent limiters per say to limit how much power the User can use at one time so that he doesn't "Accidentally" destroy the universe. These limiters can be removed by the User or by another Omni Being but either way, it requires the user to be completely calm and able to concentrate as this takes time to remove or runs the risk of destroying himself.

-AOSSJ Ascended Omni Saiyan
x16,000 power multiplier
-Rensuu(Non-Canon, Dies before ever achieving this form)

Also known as Shiro Super Saiyan Omni Kingyu/White Super Saiyan Omi King
The True Pinnacle of a Super Saiyan God, Power is that of an Omni King and thus is truly unlimited, There power is supreme and divine with no weaknesses whatsoever and cannot be destroyed by any mean unless self inflicted. 

CT-???? Dread 2
another picture of my Terror warfare specialized Clone Trooper, not really a concept though as I've never been able to figure out what he look like as a clone trooper besides his helmet. Maybe have it like Clone Commando Sev?  I actually designed Dread for a star wars RP that takes place a few months after the battle of Yavin. 

Don't take credit for the base lol

CT-????(Forget his ID number lol) nicknamed Dread was a Clone Trooper in the 51st Experiemental Autonomous Assault Battalion during the clone wars that specialized in terror ware fare and special operations. Dread first noted action is during the first battle of geonosis before his transfer to the 51st where he almost single handily holded his position after his jedi general and his brothers had fallen in battle and was later credited with 66 droid kills. After the battle, Dread was to be transfer to the 501st for his skill but it was later changed to the 51st after he was noticed to be more far independent and creative then his brothers. Even in the early parts of the clone wars, Dread showed a high amount of skill and daring even for his clone brothers but yet was cold and silent like a killer. Ironically Dread was by the books clone when able however he often was forced to be more creative in his work. Dread quickly became a Veteran of the 51st for skills before being made a 51st Clone Commando but unlike many, he was often sent in behind enemy lines by himself where he excelled extremely in his work which labeled him as "hyper-lethal"  as he was known to assassinate dozens of politicians, military officers while also destroying enemy warships and military facilities within the inside while also great at killing. During this time, he painted his armor in blood red and painted a skull mouth on his mouth and bones on his torso which resulted terror in the enemy, even in B1 battle droids. Half way through the war, he promoted to an ARC trooper but decided to keep his phase I armor with just upgrades from the Phase II armor. Following the end of the war and Order 66, along with the fleet, he went into hiding and spend some years continuing as a ARC troopers taking on the most vital missions to protect his home. Eventually on one mission, he saved a fallen female alderaan noble from execution from the empire and returned to the fleet with her where eventually married, started her noble family on the fleet and eventually had children but as Dread aged, he realized his duty to the fleet and it's safety was more important then his own personal happiness and decided to become a full time 51st ARC Trooper and entered Stasis, only to awaken for the greatest of missions. Though his wife understood and was proud of him, she was sadden by his decision and a result Dread rarely saw his wife or there two children who would eventually follow in there father's footsteps. 

Other picture of Dread-…
Daughter of Jedi Master Femme and ARC CC-0193
So does anyone remember this when I posted this like six years ago? prob not lol… - old picture

Now I didn't redesign her from how I imagined her and I have yet to make a none anime version of her as I completely forgot about her since she never played a huge role in my story....come to think of it, I don't think I ever got that far into the story lol
Now I made a Jedi Robe with fashion, wanted to make it more practical and cute I think when I made it and changed the color to something different. As for her lightsaber, she wields her father's lightsaber after he went MIA(I realize they don't look alike, this picture dated obviously lol) and besides the blade becoming thinner the longer it gets, it's nothing special. For the color I honestly couldn't pick one, Her father had wielded it as a Red blade to signify his loyalty to the republic. when it was recovered, she changed the blade to best represent her which would be either blue as she wishes to be a Guardian like her mother but she does not enjoy violence and would rather have diplomacy so maybe green. If  I went custom it be white, I don't want yellow for her lol

bio wise

She was born into secrecy in 20 BBY on the highly modified Venantor-Class "Sword of Coruscant" and would remain on it for most of her life. Since Civilians were often rescued from Separatist forces, no one raised an eye brow at a baby even her mother was raising her since she known to being friendly with civilians. After the Clone War's and became a toddler, Her mother began training her to be a Jedi and eventually an Antares after she reformed a force sensitive order with the dozen of Jedi aboard the "Sword of Coruscant". During her childhood she spent almost all her time with her mother but not often with her father since he was running The Retribution Fleet/Retribution City and had little time for himself, alone her but he would try his best when she grew older. A year before his presumed death, He taught her what it meant to have Honour and integrity and what it meant to do what was right. When her father was presumed killed in action against the Imperials and Darth Vader, she took his death harshly of course being a child. Although she knew he never spent much time with her, he often tried his best at being a father and teaching her the right ideals and that's all that mattered to her that he tried and died protecting her as well as everyone else. Years later when she was 15, she traveled by herself to the planet where her father was presumed killed in action and by using the force, found the location of the crash site by feeling the force through her father's force focus crystal that had a powerful connection to the force. When she found the crashed Laati gunship  in the mountains, she didn't find his body or any of the clones that had flown into the battle to save him but his lightsaber that was still in operating condition. She let a prayer to her father and his comrades before returning to Retribution City and altering it to her needs as her lightsaber although her mother was against it seeing it more as a relic and artifact then a weapon that should be used again. She thought to herself she would continue his legacy with his weapon and work to resurrect the Republic that once stood for a Millennia. 

Advanced Recon Commando Clone Marshal Commander-0193 Nilus, Father-…

Jedi Weapon Master Femme, Mother-…

51st Clone Battalion-…


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